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Thinking Practical Shooting, by Saul Kirsch

In his clear, friendly style, Saul explains many of the complex issues affecting match performance. Topics include accuracy & recoil control, understanding IPSC scoring, the mental process of peak performance, visualization, match preparation, match & stage tactics, managing match stress, physical training & nutrition, goal setting, building a training program and much, much more!

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A fantastic recent release by Saul Kirsch,Thinking Practical Shooting, A Guide to Outstanding Match Performance, is a MUST read for anyone involved in or considering competition / match shooting. A 20 year veteran on the match circuit, winning numerous IPSC & Steel Championships and ranked in the top ten overall in the World today, Saul Kirsch shares with his readers his years of competition experience and knowhow. His unique background, first as an Olympic rifle shooter and then as a Practical Shooting competitor, gives him a profound understanding of the key elements required to excel under the pressure of competition.

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