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Alpha-X Rig Combo

Now, this is truly the top of the line Combo Offer! Nothing gets better than this. The Appha-X Combo includes: 1 Alpha-X Holster, 3 Race Master Pouches and 1 Black DAA Competition Belt.

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  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Silver
  • Gold



Save and spoil yourself with some of the best IPSC gear available in the market!

The Alpha-X holsters are available in Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Orange, Copper, Yellow and Gold!

Race Master Pouches are in Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Gold and Purple.

Belts will be in Black on all sets. You may ask for colors if in stock other wise they will be ship out in Black.

NOTE: Order your black belt 2" above your normal pants size, so if you are a size 36" pants, you order a size 38" belt. If your a 37" pants order a 40" Belt ETC.

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