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DAA Optics Pro-Set

The DAA Optics Pro Set is a new approach to multi-lens shooting sets.

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We all know and appreciate the need to have multiple lenses available to adjust to the changing light conditions encountered on the range during a long day of shooting. Anyone shooting outdoors often finds himself hastily trying to change lenses just before shooting his stage. Or, worse yet, compromising his vision and shooting with inappropriate lenses due to lack of time to change them. Nothing can be more off-putting than having to rush to change your lenses just before you shoot. In those situations you often find yourself wishing you had an extra frame or two.

Well, that is what the new DAA Optics Pro Set is all about! This set offers you, at an affordable price, three complete frames of the new “Lens Lock” design. This sleek new frame provides lever activated lens release and mount, comfortable rubber nose pads, slim side arms and overall striking sporty looks.

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