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Pilla Performance Eyewear: Panther X7 Action Shooting Kit

 Pilla is proud to introduce the Panther X7 for Action Shooting Sports. The Panther X7 was developed collaboratively with World Champion Max Michel to produce a piece of gear capable of enhancing a shooters performance. Choose from 2 of Max Michel's hand selected kits specifically for Action Shooting Sports or purchase invidiual lenses.

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 For over the last 18 months, Pilla has been working on the product design and filtration technology while IPSC World Champion, Max Michel, has been testing the product in live competition. The finished result is the Panther X7; a fully interchangeable, optically perfect, zero distortion, high performance pair of shooting glasses. The ergonomics of the frame design provide uninterrupted vision and weigh less than an ounce. The Panther X7 is available with a variety of filtration options to maximize lighting and background conditions. 

Special Edition Max Michel Kit-1: 1 Frame, 10ED, 44ED, 76HC 

10ED: Enhanced Definition/ Full Sun/ 10% Transmittance-

Rich color reproduction. Designed to relax the eye in bright light conditions.

44ED: Enhanced Definition/ Medium light/ 44% Transmittance-

This new medium lighting condition lens is a perfectly balanced color enhancement tool with crisp definition and perfect depth of field.

76HC: High Contrast/ Low light/ 76% transmittance-

This is a high contrast lens that Pilla and Zeiss have engineered to light up the sight picture without loosing definition or depth of field in low light.

Special Edition Max Michel Kit-2: 1 Frame, 26ED, 54HC, 94HC 

26ED: Enhanced Definition/ Bright sun/ 26% Transmittance-

Our 26ED is a high light lens that utilizes a similar technical filtration curve as the 10ED and 44ED. Our enhanced definition series provides elevated levels of the color spectrum to create increase definition and maximize depth of field.

54HC: High Contrast/ Medium light/ 54% Transmittance-

Vivid Enhancement of Color, Enhanced Contrast in White Light

94HC: High Contrast/ Extreme Low light-Indoors / 94% Transmittance-

The 94HC is a high transmittance lens that is perfect for extreme low light. The lens provides very sharp registration of the visual sight picture. The filtration curve of the lens helps reduce haze in low light. As with all professional Zeiss VIVX lenses, the high performance anti-reflective quality gives the shooter a high performance tool to create sharp images.


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