We are proud to launch the new PDR PRO-II holster, the next evolution of the PDR holsters from Double-Alpha Academy.

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The body of the holster has been updated to utilize a thinner material, which allows a closer fit to the gun’s contour, and thereby a more responsive release. The inner side wall of the holster body has been lowered to enable to more complete “in-holster” shooting grip, and the front end has been lowered for an earlier release.

But the most meaningful change is the rail attachment on the side of the holster. This rail has been upgraded from plastic to Aluminum and reconfigured to allow several new improvements:

- A much larger range of height adjustment
- Freedom to adjust to any height, (without step increments as before)
- The ability to adjust the height of the holster without unlocking the ball joint settings
- The new rail brings the gun much closer to the body, allowing you a larger useable range of adjustment from the ball joint

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