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DAA Magnetic Moon-Clip 6 or 8 Shot

DAA Magnetic 6 shot or 8 shot Moon-Clip Holders

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The new DAA Magnetic 6 shot and 8 shot Moon Clip holder is the result of many months developement in conjunction with some of the worlds top competitors.
Designed to hold securly yet release smoothly, comes standard with a 3mm Magnetix, 5mm are available for use with moon clips that have low magnetism characteristics.
The magnet used is custom shaped to fit between the rounds on a 6 shot or 8 shot moon clip providing increased surface contact area with the steel of the moon clip. The vertical stem is also shaped and contoured to match the bullets sitting in the moon clip.
The vertical stem can be tilted to the sides, allowing you to position them at the very best angle to suit your needs


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