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Grams Follower Kits

STI/SV/SPS/CR - Follower Kits and Replacment Springs

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This ''Follower Kit'' includes a ''Grams Format'' follower (S2) and your choice of 11 or 13 coil spring. For use in STI/SV/SPS or CR mags that measure up to 145mm long (11 Coil) and 171mm long (13 coil) (with base pad attached). Will work with 9mm/.38, .40 and .45 calibers.

(S92) and 11 or 13 coil spring. For use in STI (9x19) mags, with spacer plate installed!

11 Coil Sig Sauer Spring kit works on the 9mm and 40 s&w

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