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RM / Racer Holster Detachable Belt Hanger

The DAA Detachable Belt Hanger system, allows the user to detach the holster from the rig itself.  A simple turn of the thumb screw releases the Race Master or Racer Holster from the belt hanger.  This results in providing easy storage and transport of the rig without losing any of the holster position settings.

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No screws or tools are required.  The locking thumb screw remains assembled, securely attached to the belt hanger so it can not be lost.  In just a few seconds, the rig becomes more compact and easy to pack into a range bag or travel suitcase!

The detachable belt hanger option adds almost no weight and no bulk to the holster.  The look and shape of the belt hanger is retained and only a couple of mm of material along with two small custom parts are added.

The detachable Belt Hanger is currently available in black color only.  It can be used with either the Race Master or Racer holsters which were offer and shipped from 2013 onward till today.  It is NOT compatable with the older flat vertical support arm.

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