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Pilla Performance Lens: Panther X7 Additional Lenses

This collection of high performance lenses is over 20 years in the making. Pilla introduced the idea of light management to shooting sports and has perfected the color filtration science with our partnership with ZEISS. Pilla is the exclusive provider of Zeiss VIVX lens technologies for sports eyewear. Every lens Pilla makes is certified to be optically correct.

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94HC: High Contrast/ Extreme Low light-Indoors / 94% Transmittance-

The 94HC is a high transmittance lens that is perfect for extreme low light. The lens provides very sharp registration of the visual sight picture. The filtration curve of the lens helps reduce haze in low light. As with all professional Zeiss VIVX lenses, the high performance anti-reflective quality gives the shooter a high performance tool to create sharp images.

76HC: High Contrast/ Low light/ 76% transmittance-

This is a high contrast lens that Pilla and Zeiss have engineered to light up the sight picture without loosing definition or depth of field in low light.

54HC: High Contrast/ Medium light/ 54% Transmittance-

Vivid Enhancement of Color, Enhanced Contrast in White Light

44ED: Enhanced Definition/ Medium light/ 44% Transmittance-

This new medium lighting condition lens is a perfectly balanced color enhancement tool with crisp definition and perfect depth of field.

26ED: Enhanced Definition/ Bright sun/ 26% Transmittance-

Our 26ED is a high light lens that utilizes a similar technical filtration curve as the 10ED and 44ED. Our enhanced definition series provides elevated levels of the color spectrum to create increase definition and maximize depth of field.

10ED: Enhanced Definition/ Full Sun/ 10% Transmittance-

Rich color reproduction. Designed to relax the eye in bright light conditions.

60HCP: High contrast/ Medium to low light / 60% transmittance

The 60 Persimmon lens is a high transmittance lens for medium to diminishing lighting conditions and utilizes Pilla/Zeiss high contrast technology. This technology wakes up the sight picture, as the spectral enhancing curve of this technology is turbo charged.

45MX: Max Chroma Boost/ Medium Lighting Condition/ 45% Transmittance

Pilla first developed the Max platform in 2006 with an industry leading 600% boost in target orange. The new Zeiss VIVX Max platform has been evolved to accelerate the resolution of Target Orange and Pink while maintaining perfect definition of the target edges.

66N: Background neutralizer/ Low light/ 66% transmittance

The 66N is a background neutralizing technology for the shooter looking to kill the green background and pop the target in diminishing lighting condition and low light. This special lens uses the same filtration technical curve as the 22N and the 44N but allows a higher level of transmittance. This curve has been modified to allow a high level of light while still providing the shooter with enough VIVX filtration technology to enhance the target color.

44N: Background Neutralizer/ Medium lighting condition green background/ 44% transmittance

The 44N is a background neutralizing technology for the shooter looking to kill the green background and pop the target. The 44N literally separates the target from a green background but maintains depth of field while enhancing the target color. Pilla offers a family of neutralizing lenses as this proprietary technology has fast become a, “have to have” lens in a shooters kit.

22N: Background Neutralizer/ Full sun/ 22% Transmittance

This new background neutralizing technology has an elevated spike in target orange resolution as well as an enhancement on White Flyer’s new Pink targets. The technology is designed to kill the green backgrounds and spike the eye’s recognition of the target. This lens provides perfect depth of field while creating a crisp definition of the targets’ edges.

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