DAA Shotgun Shell Single Quad Loader Maximize

DAA Shotgun Shell Single Quad Loader


The DAA Quad Loader is machined from sturdy aluminum and Delrin plastics, creating a tough efficient design that allows tilt adjustment and quick interchangeability when mounted to the DAA Alpha Rail System Base. (Supplied as standard)

Strong embedded magnets hold the top rounds securely in place, and flexible clamps machined into the lower platform add further to the retention.  Regardless of the shaking, movement, or jarring received, it will not dislodge the shells! But grip them in the hand pulling outwards – and the shells pop out with practically no resistance.

 Adjusting for various shell lengths can be done on the fly, without removing the rig, and without any tools. Simply turn the large tension wheel and the upper support slides up and down the rail to match your shell length.


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