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Taran Tactical Base Pads

The TTI Base Pad for STI, SV, SPS, & Rescomp Magazine Tubes. This Patented push pin design is indestructible and will not come off until you are ready to remove it. One Piece construction made from solid aluminum, will not break or come loose, which is essential in the heat of competition.

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3mm for SV/SPS/Rescomp 140/170mm magazines
· Rescomp 21rds in 140mm 40S&W
· 23rds in 140mm 38/9mm
· 29-30rds in 170mm 38/9mm

4mm for STI/SPS/Rescomp 140/170mm tubes
· 20rds in 140mm 40S&W
· 24rds in 140mm 38/9mm
· 29-30rds in 38/9mm
*4mm is recommended for all STI tubes

4G for all SV 140mm 40S&W old and new style tubes
· possible 21rds in 140mm 40S&W
*4G (4 the Gauge) is recommended for anyone doing mag tuning who has a USPSA mag gauge. The 4G is angled in the back and will fit the gauge while allowing one extra round over the 3mm. It’s the base pad that all the mag tuners have been waiting for to get that extra edge!

7mm for 140mm Open mags and 126mm Open or Limited mags, or older under length Infinity Big Sticks
· 24rds in SV/STI 140mm 38/9mm

*This is preferred base pad for non-big stick tubes in Open division to get 23-24rds without extending the mag too long where it’s awkward to do fast reloads.

7mm for SPS 134/164mm 38/9mm and 40S&W
· 30rds in 164mm 38/9mm
· 23rds in 134mm 38/9mm
· 21rds in 134mm 40S&W

*Due to the variances in mag tube dimensions from different companies and even different generations of mags from the same company, the base pad may require minor fitting to the tube and the back of the lips may need the sharp edges buffed down so the mag will fit the gauge.

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