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CED-DAA Range Cart Pro

The new CED/DAA RangeCart Pro was created from the ground up with the practical shooter in mind.  It is designed to be the perfect companion product for our RangePack Pro backpack, but can be ideally used with practically any range bag owned.

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Range Cart Pro


Made of rugged top quality aluminum, with steel joints and hinges, and wide inflatable all-terrain tires, the RangeCart Pro can securely carry over 100 lbs. of gear anywhere you need to go!


 Quick release assembly pins allow the cart to fold down in seconds, making it possible to pack into any moderately sized suitcase or the smallest car trunk.  Even the wheels can be removed.  You never need to leave it behind! The 1680D fabric custom panel is as functional as it is attractive.  The front top end features a fold-down ammo-shelf that is positioned high for easy access, and on which can be placed 100 rounds of ammo for loading magazines while standing comfortably.  A great feature for those ranges where no tables are available.  For added convenience, on each side of the fold-down shelf there is a magazine pocket, allowing two magazines to be loaded and stored while awaiting use.

 Great features and function abound on the backside panel as well!  Below the rubberized grip handle is a generous sized insulated “lunch box” compartment, the perfect place for fruit, sandwiches or any other food desired, while out on the range. Below that are two large 1L insulated bottle holders, ideal for liquids, or personal items.  The RangeCart Pro is designed to allow a large golf umbrella to be attached in the closed position, and then opened in a manner that will provide weather protection to the user and their equipment.

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